Welcome to AFGE Local 2152's webpage!
We are here to keep our bargaining unit members informed of their rights, provide training, and to improve our workplace and community.


If there is one thing that is constant at VA and the Federal Government more broadly, it is change. As the saying goes, "Knowledge is Power," and in order to ensure that you are both an empowered employee and citizen, it is imperative that you are kept in the loop to any relevant changes, announcements, and events. We recommend that you follow our Facebook page, displayed on the right, where we provide frequent real time updates. We also recommend that you sign up for AFGE's "Text Alerts" program. Instructions for enrolling in Text Alerts may be found here at AFGE.org. If you choose to enroll in this valuable information service, please do so on your own time, using your own mobile phone - not a Government furnished phone.

New Dues Option - e-Dues

In order to provide members with a new choice for paying their membership dues, and to ensure AFGE can continue to support members despite continued Government dysfunction, AFGE has launched a new strategic initiative called e-Dues. With e-Dues, you now have the option to pay your dues directly to AFGE, without going through the Government as an intermediary. Your monthly dues remain unchanged. At this time, members retain the option of having their dues deducted automatically from their paycheck by the Agency. Alternatively, existing members can transition to e-Dues at any time. Procedures are in effect to ensure anyone who is double-billed is refunded. New members may opt to sign up for e-Dues from the get go, or may continue to sign up for Agency deduction using the traditional form. In order to ensure timely processing and the highest level of security, AFGE has partnered with a well established payment processor. Our payment processor works with over 100,000 businesses across the country, processing over $20 billion dollars of payments annually, securely and in compliance with the PCI standards required by the banking and credit card industries.

If you are interested in enrolling in e-Dues, or have any additional questions about this program, please feel free to contact a local officer.