AFGE Local 2152 is as diverse as a local can be. Our stewards come from a variety of political, personal, ethnic, military, and professional backgrounds. We bring this vast experience to the table every time we represent a bargaining unit member of Local 2152. 

About Your Local

Stewards located at the the Reno VA

Executive Officers 

President John Copeland

Executive Vice President Dawn Riggs

Treasurer Christina McCoy

2nd Vice President Title 5    Marcelina Trawick

2nd Vice President Title 38 Eric Gerken
Chief Steward  Barry Peterson

Secretary Kelsey Allen

Chief Sgt at Arms Marvin Allan

Sgt at Arms 

Chief CBOC Steward Camille Csicsery

Non-Executive Staff

Women's Fair Practices Coordinator - currently vacant

Pride Coordinator - currently vacant

Safety Officer- currently vacant
Legislative and Political Coordinators: Eric Gerken, John Copeland, Kelsey Allen, and Dawn Riggs


Card Committee - Chair: currently vacant

Leave Donation Committee - Chair: currently vacant

Audit Committee - Chair: currently vacant

Food Committee - Chair: Marvin Allan


Title 38 Stewards:

Hybrid 38 Stewards:

Title 5 Stewards:

Marvin Allan

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Stewards located at the Reno VBA

Title 5 Stewards:

Kelsey Allen (Chief VBA Steward)

Stewards located at the Auburn CBOC 

Title 5 Stewards:

Camille Csicsery

Stewards located at the Susanville CBOC

Title 5 Stewards:

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Stewards located at the Fallon CBOC

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Stewards located at the Minden CBOC

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We believe that our Union is greater than the sum of its parts. Together You and I form UNIon!

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